Laura had a reputation of bringing women back in shape in minimum time.
I was having lower back pain and very weaken abs, (herniated disc), so I put myself in her hands. Her sessions targeted every single muscle in my body and taught me also to manage my pain trough postural and strengthening exercises.
She got me back in shape and my abs were finally showing. I am delighted with my new body.

My latest child was 4.5 kg, that plus labour left me with very weakened pelvic floor muscles plus Urinary incontinence. My Gynaecologist recommended Laura and her method Hypolates.
The results…on the first weeks I already felt better , I could hold it for longer; by 6th week I was in control pretty much like any other healthy women. Laura’s magic touch!

Some of my friends were Laura’s clients; she was very well known amongst women in London. It was no brainer that I would do the post-natal training with her. She got me back in shape in 12 weeks. I was so amazed to wear my old skinny jeans, she does what she promises.
My waist is narrower than ever and I’m stronger than my pre -pregnancy days.

After my second child my doctor confirmed that I had diastasis recti.
I was ready for surgery, but one of my friends advised me to see Laura first. She did a thorough physical assessment and with each training I was feeling stronger from inside out. Week after week my gap was getting smaller until now that I can barely notice.
She truly understands women’s bodies.

No one makes me feel my abdominals like Laura does.

Having a baby is a wonderful thing but nobody told me that I could suffer post-natal depression. I did not want to leave the house or see anybody; I hated my body. My doctor said to get back in shape. I started with Laura and must admit that the impact was incredible. Her empathy and approach “ train your body to train your mind “ got me out of my hole. I got my life back.